A new greenhouse is being set up – approx 100/30 feet big! Apart from providing the community with vegetables for more months of the year (yum!) ,this will help us get the CSA program in place quicker.


We are going to expand the willow patch for a cash crop (selling to Cascadia willow workshop mainly)
Also rhubarb and sugar pumpkins will be grown to sell to an organic bakery in Victoria.

The Weavery

has taken in more companions and thus is producing and selling more.

The Felting workshop

is developing products and exploring what sells – seasonal nature table decorations are popular (our Advent Calenders are in great demand, and sell at about $125 each!)

The Firewood crew

produced and sold 14 cords of wood, making $2100 which went into  supporting the the farm. Also some extra donations were earned by stacking the firewood. With that money we purchased a small lawn mower tractor for the firewood workshop with the intention that some of the companions will be able to drive it and make deliveries on the farm.

The Herb workshop

has made a connection to the local organic store at the Duncan Garage to sell teas, ointments and herb salt.
Workshop Updates