We provide residential and day-programs for adults with developmental disabilities.

All our programs create a supportive environment that allows our clients, or as we prefer to call them companions, to build skills and confidence in order to make a positive contribution and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. All companions to their best ability take part in the daily work in the house(s), on the farm, in the garden, or in the workshops.

Life on Glenora Farm is not all work. Culture, education and leisure activities play an important part on and off the farm and allow our companions to expand their social circles.


We do much of the household work together. This duty ranges from shopping to planning to making meals, baking and cleaning up.

Farm & Animals

Our Dexter cows

Our bio-dynamic farm provides endless opportunities for activities. We grow a wide range of vegetables. The fields provide Glenora Farm with enough root vegetables to last us year around. Currently,  2.5 acres of vegetables are under cultivation. This year we added a second greenhouse which will allow us to extend the growing season for vegetables.  We sell a smal

Most of our fields are used for grazing and hay for our animals. We have a milk cow, a small herd of highland cows that we raise for meat, and a small flock of sheep that we keep for wool. Many of our companions enjoy helping with the animals.


Calendula cropped
A great crop of calendula!

There are two main gardens at Glenora Farm.  In the large garden, we grow edible and therapeutic flowers as well as vegetables for feeding all residents of the farm.  This garden contains two large greenhouses that extend the growing season.  In the herb garden, we grow an extensive range of herbs that we use in our herbal workshop for teas, herbal salts, ointments and beauty products.


Glenora Farm has an extensive workshop program where we make high- quality crafts and value-added agricultural products. All products from the workshops are sold at Glenora Store & Cafe, a corner store that we own and operate.

Workshop products

The program includes the following workshops:

  • Candles
  • Felt & Wool products
  • Food
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Weaving

Culture & Education

One day a week is dedicated to education and cultural activities. During the week there are also tutorials, where companions have the opportunity to work on reading, music or any other area where they may need some extra help. Dance, music and theatre play an important role in both our social and therapeutic work. These are also a means of connecting with the larger community, enriching seasonal events and festivals. Our handbell choir performs regularly at community events and we always have a warm reception!

Leisure Activities

Dance in the Field
Fun and games

Life on and off the farm is active and allows our companions to build a larger social circle that extends outside Glenora Farm. Many of our companions are active in sports and have participated in “Special Olympics” with great success.

Some of our companions and caregivers sing in a local choir.