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Of course happiness can be found riding on the back of a hay stack, just ask us!
Happiness can be found riding on the back of a hay wagon, just ask us!

Many families seek a meaningful, joyous way of life for their adult members with developmental disabilities.

At Glenora Farm, we provide a balanced and healthy lifestyle in a safe and secure environment which allows for personal growth and satisfaction. We respect our companions’ abilities and together we will work towards achieving each companions’ full potential. There is a wide range of opportunities for work and training: in the houses, on the farm, in the garden, and in our many workshops. To their best ability, all companions take part in the daily work. Our life on and off the farm offers a rich variety of cultural and social activities.

We offer both residential and day programs. In our residential program companions live in an extended family setting with their caregivers. Please contact us at (250) 715-1559 if you would like more information about our programs or to arrange for a visit.

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Lisa’s dragonfly art card.

I have lived within this lovely community for now almost 18 years, I moved over on October 18th, 1993, with Katrin my caregiver… I love living here because there’s always a friend when you need one and you’re surrounded by nature plants, trees, animals… My daily life is being involved in a choir outside of the community, but within the community,  I love to work in the Weavery and help make scarves, baby blankets, ponchos…… I love being in the Felting Workshop too, where I can produce pictures, and well I love playing the Hand Bells, being involved in the Singing… My favorite thing though is to in my spare time sit and produce collages, which eventually become cards for selling and are sold at our local store, events, markets etc… ~ Lisa

Lisa working the loom
Lisa working the loom