Glenora Farm is a 97 acre therapeutic farm. We are operated by the Ita Wegman Association of British Columbia for Curative Education and Social Therapy and are one of two Camphill Communities in Western Canada, where adults with developmental disabilities live, work and learn together with their caregivers. We grow a broad range of vegetables for our own use and an extensive range of herbs, for cooking and products to sell. We have beef cattle and have recently added Dexter cows to our herd.

We have an extensive workshops program, where we make value added agricultural products and quality crafts. The crafts are well designed and include candles, felted and hand-woven items. In addition, we have a firewood workshop which supplies wood for our high-efficiency wood heater.

All products from the workshops are available for purchase at both the Glenora Store and Cafe, also owned and operated by the Ita Wegman Association, and our Summer & Christmas Fairs.


The focus of our programs is to create a supportive environment where our clients, or as we prefer companions, build skills and confidence to make a positive contribution and gain a sense accomplishments and satisfaction.

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Each year Glenora Farm welcomes a small number of young volunteers from Canada and abroad. They join the farm for a minimum of six months up to a year. However, some decide to stay longer and apply for a permanent place.

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While we receive funding from Community Living BC (CLBC), we still depend on grants and donations from individuals and businesses to run programs and to keep up our facilities. We issue tax-deductible receipts for most donations.

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Our crafts and value-added agricultural products from our workshops are available for purchase all year around at the Glenora Store, 3630 Glenora Road, Duncan and at our Summer and Winter Fairs. All products are crafted with much love and make great gifts!

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